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The CEO of Alpha Tau Mechanical solutions is James Agbormbai. James Agbormbai is a Maryland registered Professional Engineer,holding a Master of Engineering Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the prestigious A. James Clark School of Engineering, University of Maryland, College Park and is currently pursuing a PhD in Mechanical Engineering in the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. Besides two professional honors, he is an honoree and member of the Magna Cum Laude Society. Spiced with enormous academic achievements, James Agbormbai has more than twenty years of professional experience in Mechanical Engineering, working in various industries. Below is his resume:

            JAMES T. AGBORMBAI, PE                                            Alpha Tau Mechanical Solutions,

                                                                                                                   2663 Winter  Morning Way,

                                                                                                                   Olney, MD 20832                          

              Tel: 301-257-4534                                                         


Versatile Professional  Engineer with twenty plus years experience working in various industries; coupled with industry certification in API 616/617 code overview, construction quality management, ASME B31.1 visual weld inspection, ISO 9001-2000 and project management. Excellent  design, analysis and writing skills.  




·      Power Plant Cycle design and analysis                      Pressure vessel and piping design and analysis

·      Finite element analysis                                                   HVAC and refrigeration design

·      Maintenance management and planning                   Project appraisal and feasibility studies

·      Machine design and drawing                                        Rotating equipment design and installation

·      Industrial and building automation                             Design of heat exchangers

·      Heat  and mass transfer analysis                                  Mechanical stress analysis 

·      Mechanical project management                                 Construction quality management 

·      Solid Modeling                                                                   Fluid Dynamics

·      Building and Industrial Commissioning                     Renewable Energy Source          



                                            PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE:

          Alpha Tau Mechanical Solutions, Silver Spring, Maryland

              Web page:

             Alpha Tau Mechanical Solutions is a mechanical engineering and Project Management firm which focuses on

              providing expert Mechanical Engineering and Project Management consulting services to its clients.

               May 29, 2008 to present

              CEO / Principal Engineer

              Project Management Service

·        Currently providing Project Management Services at the City of Seat Pleasant’s Street Repair Project under the CDBG PY 40 program.

              Mechanical Engineering Consulting / Construction Quality Management

·              Design of HVAC system, Plumbing System, Electrical Wiring (including Power riser diagram and load calculations  and lighting) and Architectural design for International Food Market, Baltimore Road,  Beltsville, Maryland.

·              Design of HVAC system, Plumbing System, Fire Suppression System and Structural Steel for Blossom Center at Ashwood Drive, Capitol Heights, Maryland.

·              Served as Mechanical Consultant on behalf of Foulger-Pratt Contracting at the Silver Spring Transit Center, Downtown Silver Spring, Maryland.

·              Inspection of Curb and Gutter installations, asphalt pavement construction and backfilling and graded of asphalted areas.

·              Automatic Control Systems Architecture (BAS)



September 4, 2008 to December 5, 2008

              Costello Construction is a General Contractor that engages in the construction of  roadways,

                Recreation centers, hotels, garages and government buildings.

·      Q. C. Manager

·      Silver Spring Civic Center and FDA Garage at White Oak Maryland

·      Constructability review of HVAC, Hydronic systems, Fire sprinkler systems , Plumbing ,Elevator. BAS, TAB and architectural, civil and electrical submittals to ensure compliance with   construction specifications.

 Inspection of respective installations to ensure they comply with contract requirements and applicable codes and standards.   

·      Witnessed and documented all field tests performed by installers.  Documented all findings of the commissioning process.

·      Organized and ran preparatory meetings with installers prior to the commencement of work. Documented all initial inspections following such preparatory meetings.

·      Inspected Curb and Gutter installations, asphalt pavement construction and backfilling and graded of asphalted areas.

·      Tracked progress of work and implemented CPM

·      Performed cost control.


 June 2, 2003 to January 3, 2008

               Hensel Phelps is a General Contractor that engages in the construction of airports, schools, roadways,

                industrial workshops, hotels, garages and government buildings.

·      Q. C. ENGINEER

·      Metro Matters- Green Belt, Metro Matters- Shady Grove and BWI Airport terminal A/B  


·      Constructability review of HVAC, Hydronic systems, Fire sprinkler systems , Plumbing ,               Elevator. BAS, TAB and Overhead and Jib cranes submittals to ensure compliance with   construction specifications.

·       Development of the commissioning plan for the entire project. Participation in the development    of checklists for HVAC systems. Inspection of respective installations to ensure they comply  

    with contract requirements and applicable codes and standards.

·      Participation in the Pre-functional performance check list phase of commissioning of the finished project. Witnessed and documented all field tests performed by installers.  Documented all findings of the commissioning process.

·      Organized and ran preparatory meetings with installers prior to the commencement of work. Documented all initial inspections following such preparatory meetings.

·      Witnessed TAB operations.

·      Completed the BWI terminal A/B extension project ( worth $164,000,000)

·      Completed Metro Matters Greenbelt and Shady Grove ( worth $96,000,000)

·      Inspected Curb and Gutter installations, asphalt pavement construction and backfilling and graded of asphalted areas.

·      Tracked progress of work and implemented CPM

·      Performed cost control


   July15, 2002 to May 31, 2003

   Potowmac Engineers is an engineering consulting firm that provides consulting services to the    

    Maryland State Government and local General Contractors.

·      McKinley Technical High School ( A US Army Corps of Engineers Project)

·       Mechanical Q.C. Inspector

·       Constructability review of HVAC, Hydronic systems, Fire sprinkler system and Plumbing submittals for compliance with construction specifications. Review of design and shop drawings for the above trades. 

·       Coordination of trades to avoid   conflicts. Inspection   of installations to ensure that they meet up with specifications.                                                                                                                                       

·       Inspection of HVAC, Fire sprinkler and Plumbing installations in the newly constructed Gate    

house/Visitor center in the Patuxent Institute Jessup.                                           .

                    CONSULTANT: Freelance

November 1, 2001 to July 12, 2002

·      Mechanical Engineer

·      Designed Reinforced concrete members and the Foundation of a private residential complex.  

        HVAC ( Load calculations and unit selection for the complex). Cost estimates and project                    

                       schedule for the imminent construction of the complex.



  July 22nd 1991 to July 31st 2001

  AATA Associates was a general mechanical engineering consulting firm that provided expert

  Expert services to architectural firms, universities, manufacturing companies, petroleum

  Refineries, upstream petroleum production companies, government agencies and the power

  Power plants.

·      Director/Owner

·      Managed 100 temporary employees

·      Welding construction, industrial maintenance, air conditioning and refrigeration                 


·      Feasibility studies on the Isongo Gas/electricity project (for Euroil/SNH joint venture) : Cost estimates for platforms, piping , power plants and other equipment were made . Based on the cost estimates cash flow models for various scenarios were made. The World Bank and the government of Cameroon awarded my clients the sole license (among other competitors) to operate on the Isongo field.

·      Feasibility studies on the installation of a cable extrusion line in Austin plastics industry Douala, Cost estimates for equipment and Raw materials; determination of sales price and making of cash flow models for various scenarios.

·      Air-conditioning design for the modified health center of University of Buea and a proposed administrative block of the University of Buea (on behalf of Jens Productions Limbe). Cooling Load calculations and the design of ductwork based on ASHRAE recommendations, Cost estimates and working drawing.


·      PRE-FEASIBILITY STUDIES on the conversion of kitchen waste into electricity-Kumba area project (on behalf of Cameroon Society of Engineers).



·      Design of a proposed factory extension for General Processors, Bonadikombo, Mile 4, Limbe. Cost estimates were done for steel works. Design of Central A/C system for an Amphi-theatre, University of BUEA.Duct sizing, cooling load calculations based on the recommendations of ASHRAE, Equipment selection and cost estimates.

·      Air conditioning design calculations for Ecole SONARA (National Oil Refinery of Cameroon) Extension, Limbe. Air conditioning design and Electrification plan for a private house in Douala.

·      Development of process flow charts for a Refuse treatment plant and for a Fish smoking plant, Design of piping leading to Reservoir D034 for the National Refinery of Cameroon. Costing of project and preparation of requests for bids.

·      Design of a swimming pool and a tennis court for a hotel in Kumba. Modification of the burner of a bread-baking oven in Mutengene.


ICEMAN Fishing Enterprise, Limbe


·      Design of a fish smoking plant; Refrigeration calculations and prescription of cold storage facilities, Plant layout, Architectural design of the Factory and Office blocks, Structural design calculations and detailing, design calculations for the smoke-house, design of process equipment, preparation of final working drawings and making of cost estimates for the project.




·      Installation of a steam boiler on generator no. 4. Reconditioning of Fresh Fruit Bunch cages, modification design of a FFB cage.



·      Re-roofing of CDC`s Mondoni oil mill’s sterilizer roof bay. Making of cost estimates and bid proposals, supervision and the execution of the project.



December 3rd 1990 to July 22nd 91

Pecten Cameroon Company is a subsidiary of Shell Royal Dutch. It is a crude oil production

Company operating in the Isongo field, offshore the Atlantic coast of Cameroon. Pecten produced 35000 barrels per day.

·      Production foreman/Maintenance Offshore Atlantic Ocean)

·      Managed a crew of 50 employees

·      Safety courses, fire fighting techniques, crane operation, pipeline work, work on steam generator

                     no 2 of Generator module 2, work on steam to crude heat exchanger, painting, lease operations.

·      Design and construction of a steel stair case for platform E offshore and making of line diagrams

     for process flow lines (piping) on a sub-production unit, hydraulic analyses of piping using

                    ASME/API codes, budget estimates for tenders and the making of a preventive maintenance    

                     scheme for all the valves used in the production units offshore. Minor repairs on submersible                        

                     pumps and crude booster pumps. Maintenance of air compressors. Automatic control repairs.

·      Technical appraisal of projects (modification of crude piping, modification of waste water  

     piping) and costing for budgeting. Diesel squeeze on well #E6 and hooking up of the flow-line

                    on well #K1.



July 4th 1990 to November 30th 1990

·      Plant Engineer

·      Managed 75 employees

·      Production planning, supervision of work, design and making of working drawings for an   

     Electrode printer’s spares.

·      Refurbishing the thirteen die drawing machine, the twelve die drawing machine, the 100mm extruder, the electrode printer, the 120mm extruder, the buncher, the strander, a water pump, the 60mm extruder and the four block drawing machine

·      Repair of Air Compressors and testing of receivers for reliability.


June 1st 1989 to June 30th 1990

·      Engineering Salesman

·      Advice companies on how to use Castolin (Eutectic corporation) welding electrodes and brazing rods, after sales repairs of welding machines sold by my company, supervision of maintenance welding jobs at client sites to ensure the welding rods were used per specifications. Market drive to solicit potential clients. My company experienced a 20% increase in sales thanks to my effort.

              MJN ASSOCIATES, Limbe

November 1988 to March 1989

·      Freelance Engineer

·      Design of central A/C system for the Buea university health center (i.e. sizing of ducts, selection   

                     of plant (using calculated load capacity )and costing of the design.




·      Mathematics lecturer

·      Taught mathematics in eleventh grade and College Level , physics in 12th grade.


April 7th 1986 to September 30th, 1986

·      Engineering Intern

·      Analytical work on the maintenance of the Gas Re-injection Compressor.

·      Participation Offshore in the 4000 Hour inspection of the gas re-injection compressor.

·      Determination of machine availability and reliability from the run time, down time etc.

      and management. An in-sight on the design, costing and construction of crude oil piping based                            

      on ASME pressure vessel and piping code/ API code. Non-destructive Examination of piping .

 National Railway Corporation,Douala

 August 1st 1985 to October 21st 1985

·      Engineering Intern

·      Machining Operations (such as Lathe work, milling etc), assembly of railway wheels using the

     hydraulic press. Saddling railway tires using thermal expansion techniques.

·      Foundry operations (Sand casting of brake shoes).

·      Workshop Management.

·       Repair of Radiators.

·      Sheet metal works (welding, rolling etc).                                                                                                                

HigherSchool of P&T,Yaounde

 April 17th, 1980 to January 13th 1983

·      Agent Contractuel

·      Supervision of the school’s library, organization of laboratory practicals and the manning

       of the library.


Design of a cassava mill, design of an automatic sieve, writing of a textbook on Applied Mathematics (unpublished), design of a cocoa bean dryer and detailed design of a refuse treatment plant

              WORKING LANGUAGES: English and French



·                  State of Maryland Registered Engineer


·      API 616/ 617 Overview- Certification         

·      Construction Quality Management (USACE)

·      IS0 9001: 2000 (BSI Management systems)

·      Visual Inspection of Welds- ( EARLBACK Inc)

·      Project Management ( Brainbench Inc.)


·      University of Maryland- College Park- August 27, 2006 to December 20,2007-  Master of Engineering Degree in Mechanical Engineering

·      University of Illinois at Urbana/Champaign: Fall 2004 to fall 2005- Graduate courses in

     Mechanical Engineering

·      University of Lagos; 1983-1987 BSc (Hons) Mechanical Engineering


·      “Environmentally Safe Engineering”, Manufacturing Engineering 2000 and beyond proceedings

                       of the International Manufacturing Engineering Conference (IMEC’96) UCON, USA.

·      “The impact of some refrigerants on our environment”, Journal of Cameroon Society of

        Engineers vol 8 1999

·      “Automobiles and the communications technology” Journal of Cameroon Society of Engineers,  

       Vol 9 2000  

·      “The Operation, Inspection and Maintenance of Nuclear power plants” Published in the

        proceedings of the SmiRT-16 Conference of August12-17, 2001 held in Washington DC.

        Paper was presented in the conference.

·      UNIVERSITY END OF COURSE PROJECT; The Effects of low frequency vibrations on

      the graphitization and mechanical properties of Cast Iron.



·      Ansys . Matlab . Mathcad . Energy Plus 1.4 . Controlspec Builder . Microsoft Word . Excel.

     Access.Prolog Manager. Trane Trace. AutoFEA. Primavera . AUTOCAD.



American Society of Mechanical Engineers                

·      Member                

·      Plant Engineering and Maintenance Division,

·      Gas Turbine Division ,

·      Heat Transfer Division,

·      Instrumentations and Controls Division and                                                                                   

·      Pressure vessels and piping Division.

Cameroon Society of Engineers  

·      Member

Maryland Society of Professional Engineers

·      Member

National Society of Professional Engineers

·      Member


·      American Registry of Outstanding Professionals (2003 –2004)

·      Strathmore’s WHO’S WHO ( 2004-2005) ,WHO’S WHO registry of outstanding professionals.

·      National Scholars Honor Society.