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We utilize state of the art software to determine your building's cooling and heating loads based on ASHRAE standards. Based on the calculated loads we size and configure the ductwork for the building's HVAC system. Our experts have had experience installing and operating equipment; based on this experience they select the HVAC equipment that is suitable for your building. Whether your building is a school, clean room, hospital, laboratory, commercial building, office complex or residential complex, we have a solution to your HVAC problems. We utilize software like; Trane's Trace to estimate building cooling/heating load and DOE's Energy plus for building energy simulations/ energy management. Our approach of designing and analyzing to optimize system performance and minimize energy cost places us ahead of other companies which only design and select units without performing energy simulations. We also use Controlspecbuilder's software to generate an appropriate sequence of operations for your building's HVAC building automation system. Below is a sample of what we do: