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If you are in the business of researching and developing alternative sources of energy and you need expert advice in this area, we are the experts you need. We perform     prefeasibility studies on potential sites, design studies and feasibility studies on the use of energy from the sun, the tides, wind, geothermal and clean coal technologies. Contact us with your needs and our experts will provide you with a feasible design of your power plant. We also have an interest in the use of bio-fuels in the generation of power. Make us serve you better by contacting us using
We perform insitu studies to determine the wind energy potential of proposed sites for wind farms and the classification of the site based on NREL's classification. We also carryout wind farm planning based on state of the art procedures.Our processes involve the determination of the power demand of a given country or region, the development of a cash flow model for the project in a bid to determining its pay back period, rate of return on investment and the most feasible interest rate to secure funding for the development of the project. Environmental Impact studies and the Social Benefits of the project the natives of its locus are also studied.