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Renewable Energy

We provide cutting edge solutions to your renewable energy problems. Consult us with your wind and solar energy needs.

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Construction Management

We design and ensure that your projects are effected within time and within your budget. Consult our experts with your construction management needs.

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Wind Turbine & Farm Aerodynamics

We perform aerodynamics investigations on wind turbines and wind farms.

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Wind energy is the next big thing. Like solar panels that have rendered individual home electrification a child’s play, micro-wind turbines are the next gig in the renewable energy market. Miniaturization of wind turbines will render rural electrification projects feasible. There is need for research and development of miniature vertical-axis wind turbines and horizontal-axis wind turbines to power single homes in rural areas. There is a niche for micro-wind turbines in the energy market.

Hybrid Renewable Energy Farm

The hybrid renewable energy farm consists of horizontal-axis wind turbines and photovoltaic solar panels. Both power sources feed a common grid. This is done via a combination of accumulators, inverters, transformers and power transmission lines. This particular wind farm can be incorporated with existing utility to augment the grid generation capacity and meet the rising demand for electricity especially in urban areas. It is evident that renewable energy is the way to go. Investors should encourage research and development of more efficient renewable energy plants.

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